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Subsequently, Xiaodie sent the photo to Zhuang Qiushui by MMS. Please protect yourself. He stood up from the stands and whispered, "I don't want you to be the second Meng Bingyu." Wait a minute! I've answered your question, but you haven't answered mine! It was a factory in the old industrial area, next to the Suzhou River. At that time,smart boards for conference rooms, the factory was frighteningly large, with tall factory buildings and chimneys, just like walking into a magnificent maze. At that hot noon, Zhuang Qiushui and a classmate came to the factory. Their father was a worker in the factory. Most of the production line has been shut down, and it is lunch break time, and almost no one can be seen in the huge factory. There are many machines in the factory,interactive panel board, dilapidated workshops and warehouses, like a secret military base. The two teenagers, looking for anything new, went through the last workshop and came to the green grass. Suddenly, the sound of crickets came from the grass. "A big bug!" Students who like crickets have their eyes shining and listen to the source of the sound. Zhuang Qiushui also looked at the grass with his waist. There was a high wall in front of him, and there was only the sound of crickets in the weeds, and he felt uneasy in his heart. Suddenly, the students rushed to the ground: "Catch it!" " A little black thing jumped up in the grass, and two teenagers chased it closely until it jumped into a crack in the door. There was a lock on the small door, but it was already rotten and rusty, and it opened with a gentle push. Wait, an isosceles triangle! Zhuang Qiushui stopped his classmates, and his heart beat even harder. "We can't go in!" Did you hear the sound of the big bug? If we catch it, smartboards in classrooms ,interactive boards for classrooms, it must be the cricket king who wins every battle! Zhuang Qiushui remembered it all: "I came here when I was a child.  Zhuang Qiushui escaped from the cemetery, passed through two warehouses in one breath, and finally bumped into his father in the factory workshop. The son's face was as ugly as death. When his father asked him what had happened,digital interactive whiteboard, he only said that he had fallen down. Dad was a nervous man, and he didn't think about anything else, so he asked his son to go home quickly. He ran home alone without mentioning what had just happened to anyone. hsdsmartboard.com